Redlight Halo
Make Your Maker
By Eric Myers

Like finding your mother's stash of pornography, Redlight Halo's "make your maker" elicits feelings of embarrassment, excitement coupled with immediate shame, but most of all, confusion.

The artful cover of a woman, silhouetted in off-white, peering into oblivion is home to a six song EP of pseudo-angry temperamental rock that teeters on the edge of mainstream? HALO is four guys, two named Ryan, two guitars, bass, and drums. It's not good rock, but it's rock alright, the polished kind that skins its knee, instead of breaking its face. It's a painless experience with not much of a story except this: Once upon a time, on the fourth track, "Non-Practicing Diabetic," the group nearly reaches what could be considered a solid, if not tired, Nirvana-esque recording. Unlike the rest of the album, it's something the members of the band might find enjoyable, not because it's their creating, but because it stands on its own.

Overall, confusion reigns. In "Rabbit Got a Gun," another track with indecipherable lyrics, Bryan Elliott screams "Radio killed the radio star!" or maybe Ryan McAnelly screams it, or maybe it's Dave South - all three are credited with vocals on the album, and if they weren't, you'd be hard pressed to find a difference between the three. Regardless of who screams out the line, it's screamed over and over again, so as a listener you have the time to ponder exactly what those words mean, if anything. I purposely took the time not to think about how the popularization of music through the mass media has removed the idiosyncratic nature of individual selection in who and what we desire to listen to, but instead wondered why the song wasn't called "Radio Killed the Radio Star."

Deceived, bamboozled, and a little ashamed, I put away the magazines and pulled out my Bible. So will you.

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