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File Under: Indie/ Pop-Rock
rating: B

1. Oh What a World

2. I Don't Know What It Is

3. Vicious World

4. Movies of Myself

5. Pretty Things

6. Go or Go Ahead

7. Vibrate

8. 14th Street

9. Natasha

10. Harvester of Hearts

11. Beautiful Child

12. Want

13. 11:11

14. Dinner at Eight

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    Want One

    Dreamworks Records
    by Tom Fraher

    Rufus Wainwright's new album, Want One, is quite apart from the norm these days. The first track, "Oh What a World," is a slow, lilting, horn-driven song that incites images of an oompa band parading down a Bremen road. But aside from that, Want One is quite a collection of well-crafted songs from a talented songwriter.

    As each track plays, you can distinctly tell how every one is different and unique. "Vicious World" is a heavily-distorted piano song, quite soft yet abrupt in its far reaching sound. The next, "Movies of Myself," is more-guitar driven, heavy yet light at the same time. And Rufus has a good voice - he explores every limit of his vocal abilities. For being someone who's not really familiar with his work, I can honestly say this is a solid record.

    "Pretty Things" is a vocal and piano only song, a very nice break form the loud and full songs before it. It is strictly a solo performance: it sounds as though he is right in front of you on a stage, taking his time to play each chord. And "Vibrate" is a sting-only song, again very apart from the rock- or pop-oriented structures. It's quite refreshing.

    As an album, Want One is a collection of great songs, yet they do not jump out at you as songs that are standouts or bona-fide hits. It does show Wainwright's willingness to try everything and anything, and how he puts together things that work in a good melody. You can hear with each track the promise and continuing talent.

    Tom Fraher is a Contributing Writer. Contact him at tomf@rockzone.com.

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