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Hell Yeah!

All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time

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Tattooed Soul
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New Breed
File Under: Emo Pop
rating: C+

1. Kamloops

2. How Winter Killed our Souls

3. Darkest Day  

4. Halfway Gone

5. Walking Clothed Foot

6. A Lesson in Longing

7. Broken Chords

8. Introduction to a Tragic Dream

9. Never Let You Go

10. The Witch of Glen Cedar Gate

11. Busted Stereos and Myself

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  • Somehow Hollow
    Busted Wings & Rusted Halos

    Victory Records
    by Jason Cipriano

    Had Busted Wings & Rusted Halos come out three to four years ago it could have been hailed as "groundbreaking" and "ahead of the pack." Unfortunately, it didn't, and listening to Somehow Hollow's new disc I just get the feeling that I've heard every track on it already: all done by other bands that are right now achieving major mainstream success. I'm not saying that Somehow Hollow is biting the style of bands like New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday, because Somehow Hollow has been around since 2001, I am saying this disc is exactly "new."

    Somehow Hollow is made up completely of members who have been in Grade, one of the few good hardcore/emo bands in recent years, at one time or another. Somehow Hollow is either their side project, with Grade being their main band, or vice-versa. Their "evolution" into Somehow Hollow doesn't appear to be much of a forward progression. The tracks on Busted Wings & Rusted Halos are done in very typical emo form. Every angle of this album sounds more and more like what is becoming a very generic sound. Similar music, and vocals, can be found on numerous other albums by numerous other bands.

    Most of the tracks do have a certain catchiness to them, but not enough to break them into the mainstream. There is only one track that I found myself really enjoying, "Walking Clothed Foot" is the most well done track on this album, and, if it isn't, should be this album's single. Other than that, if you already listen to emo then you have already heard most of this album, but produced better. However, if you yearn to stay on top of the "scene," or like really hot girls with wings for cover art, this album might be perfect for you. Overall, I wouldn't really recommend Busted Wings & Rusted Halos, but I would encourage a good listen to any one of Grade's albums, enjoy some good Canadian hardcore/emo, and forget about the other musical crap that that country is currently producing.

    Jason Cipriano is the Senior Editor. Contact him at jasonc@rockzone.com.

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