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File Under: Rock n' Roll
rating: A

1. Shake

2. Torn Asunder

3. Detroit Or Buffalo

4. The First Lady Of Rock

5. Jolene

6. Rock It

7. Four Times Gone

8. American Child

9. Death Of The American Song

10. Bound To Burn

11. Call Off Your Dogs  

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  • Stone Coyotes
  • Stone Coyotes
    Born To Howl

    by Traci Stevens

    The first family of D.I.Y. return with a scorching third release, Born To Howl. This band has mastered the stripped down, dirty rock sound that has been long thought a distant memory. Self released, self-produced, and self-written, Born To Howl is 100% Stone Coyotes.

    The album is another jewel in the songwriting crown of Ms. Barbara Keith. Anyone who reads the liner notes will notice that ‘Detroit Or Buffalo’ was a song she wrote in 1972 in her professional songwriting days. It’s timeless lyrics and smart rock that keep the Stone Coyotes fresh and fun. Teamed up with son and husband Doug and John Tribbles, The Stone Coyotes are a 3-piece bit of rock n’ roll purity. No special production tricks, no session players, just 3 people playing the music they love. You can’t help but have a smile on your face throughout the entirety of this album.

    The album opens with ‘Shake,’ the story of a homeless woman who dances around the street listening to a band no one else can hear. It’s a solid rock tune with a great tale of just letting go and listening to the song in your head.

    ‘The First Lady Of Rock’ is a great biographical story of Keith’s journey to being a rock n’ roll front woman. The song is a great story for anyone with aspiring musical goals, as long as you keep trying and have some talent, you can make it. Keith also writes a few touching tracks on the album, the most significant being ‘Death Of The American Song.’ This is a great view on music and the lack of timelessness in the music we have to hear today. Sometimes what works for the past does work for the future.

    I can’t recommend this album enough. It’s definitely something worth picking up for any rock n’ roll fan. You can only get Stone Coyotes albums from amazon.com or the band’s website. Be sure to pick them up.

    Traci Stevens is a Contributing Writer. Contact her at contributors@rockzone.com.

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