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File Under: Rock
rating: A-

1. American Dream

2. Unwound

3. Shove

4. Nothing

5. Stand

6. As I am

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  • Tattooed Soul
  • Tattooed Soul
    Get It

    by Susan Salva

    Tattooed Soul is a band that hails from Phoenix Arizona performing their own brand of modern hard rock. In the same vein as Nickelback, Godsmack, and Sevendust, Tattooed Soul has been voted the best rock band in Phoenix for two years in a row. Their debut CD Get It displays their hard-hitting, head banging music.

    Tattooed Soul's line up includes Charles Elmer as lead vocalist and guitar, Tim Smude guitars, Andy Keel on bass and Chaz drums. Get It showcases hook after hook blended with heavy guitars riffs and groove laced bass and drums that will leave you wanting more of their fine music.

    "American Dream" the first of a few songs on this disc that talk about standing up for oneself. Piss them off and they are going to retaliate. The song has strong guitar riff and groovy bass line. The song draws you in with a haunting drumbeat. The chorus has a relentless hook to the track; great modulation.

    "Unwound" has strong vocals and sweet harmonies. The songs weave into each other. Dark and ominous this song draws you in and commands your attention. The lyrics talk about figuring out where he is in a relationship. Similar to Ratt's "Round and Round," the production on "Unwound" is nicely layered with cool guitar riffs.

    "Shove" uses the effect of a megaphone and echo with hard-hitting drumbeats. The song talks about turning inward to find piece of mind; and then realizing "my best was just not enough." They are not afraid to make a stand.

    Tattooed Soul already is everything most bands aspire to become. They had donated their time and talents to charitable events for several noteworthy causes including headlining the Justin Richter benefit concert at Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Their songs are very accessible and radio ready. The music is reminiscent of the great bands from the eighties. They have perfected their tracks and music as a forerunner not afraid to strut their stuff. Each track is well thought out with strong vocals and hooky choruses. Overall, the CD Get It has got it. Check them out.

    Susan Salva is a Staff Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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