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Das Not Compute

Hell Yeah!

All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time

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Gibbs Brothers
New Breed
File Under: Scremo
rating: D

1. Guitarmy

2. Fucking's Greatest Hits 

3. Burn Piano Island, Burn

4. Every Breath Is A Bomb

5. Ambulance Vs. Ambulance

6. USA Nails

7. Cecilia And The Silhouette Saloon

8. Six Nightmares At The 
Pinball Masquerade 9. The Salesman, Denver Max 10. I Know Where The Canaries
And The Crows Go 11. God Bless You Blood Thirsty Zeppelins! 12. The Shame
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    ...Burn Piano Island, Burn

    Artist Direct Records
    by Matt Peterson

    I had heard some good things about this band prior to getting the CD in the mail, so I was anticipating this review a little more than usual. They’re one of those bands that seems to be on the rise, yet I had never heard, so it’s always interesting to hear the band that’s gonna be on the covers of magazines in a few months. Unfortunately, it was one of the most annoying CD’s I’ve ever had to write about, and that’s saying a lot.

    There are two vocalists in The Blood Brothers, and they scream the whole fucking time. It’s retarded. The music is pretty good, and if the vocal tracks were by some miracle erased, it might make for a decent group. But that’s sadly not the case. I mean, two fifths of this band are solely there to scream, while they only have one guitarist. Maybe that could be done in an interesting way, but come on, that’s just stupid. If the musicians in this band traded in these two fucks for one good singer, and re-recorded the songs, maybe I’d like this CD. Otherwise, it sucks.

    They are punk, hardcore, noisy, heavy and fast, which isn’t in itself a bad thing. It’s just not a good blend. I mean, they do have some redeeming qualities. There is definitely a respectable level of intensity and raw emotion in the performances, which are captured pretty well on this recording. It just comes off as obnoxious, annoying, and borderline un-listenable. (The producer of this record also produced Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions and judgements about that association. To be honest, he did a pretty good job.

    They seem to be reaching for the emotionally charged screams done by bands like Hoover, but here it just seems overly stylized and pre-meditated. The vocals are tuneless, barely even attempting to carry a melody, and the screams are literally constant. There is no dynamic range at all to this music. It starts off at the same speed and intensity it ends with, which I guess is on purpose, but doesn’t make for a good listen. It somewhat brings to mind “Plays Pretty” era Nation of Ulysses, but without the inspiration, and ground-shaking enthusiasm.

    It just sounds so hip and contrived, and nowhere near as urgent and emotional as it seems to want to come across. I rarely felt moved or even interested in this band while listening. The songs are too long, without very much happening to deserve the song to go on and on. The lyrics seem pretty good, but who wants to pay any more attention to this band?

    I’ve definitely heard worse CD’s, but as I’ve written in other reviews, it just upsets me how big this band will probably get. In the press pack, for example, it shows 5 pretty boys in press pack poses, which cheapens the integrity of the music, and the chaotic urgency it seems to be trying present. There is nothing urgent about fixing your hair and clothes, and arranging your hats and other accessories for an hour to look good for pictures you’re gonna be sending to people like myself.

    The word integrity is thrown around a lot throughout the press pack, though I feel like if a band really had integrity, and was truly concerned with their appearance and presentation, they wouldn’t feel the need to mention it on every one of the 21 pages of their press pack. It seems to me to an attempt at “credibility”.

    I just couldn’t wait for this awful record to end. It was too long, self-indulgent, and pretentious. And the band name is kinda stupid.

    Best tracks are #9, “The Salesman, Denver Max” and #12, “The Shame”.

    Matt Peterson is a Contributing Writer. Contact him at bluevelvet@rockzone.com.

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