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File Under: Redone New Wave Rock
rating: B+

1. Television

2. Art of Nothing

3. Stuck on You

4. Star Training

5. Character Assassination

6. New Rock Revolution

7. Alligator Love Trap

8. OH... Is It a Full Moon (Again?) 

9.  On a Scale From One
to Awesome (You're Pretty Great) 10. Drop It! 11. Dedication
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    Kill Your Television

    by Jason Cipriano

    Well, In light of Victory not being able to put out a good album in the last like year, The Reunion Show's Kill Your Television is by far one of the catchiest albums I have heard in a very long time, and, in this case, catchy is not necessarily a bad thing, I've just been singing the chorus lyrics and humming some of the better guitar riffs. However, I just can't seem to get some of the tracks on this album out of my head.

    I had relatively decent expectations for this album since I had seen this band live a little over a year and a half ago and was fairly impressed at that time, so I knew that their debut album should have at least a little kick to it. The only downside to my preconceived notions was that I had seen them a long time ago and they could have gone either way at that point; submitted to shitty emo (called Saves the Daying it), or towards catchy pop (a la Jimmy Eat World). I know that both of those sound like they might be bad, but The Reunion Show went towards pop, and they did it right, especially for their particular sound (Take the Get Up Kids, strip the college radio appeal, replace the keyboards with an organ, and mix in a little Jimmy Eat World, oh, and don't forget to make sure you include Long Island). The guitar playing is very strong; showing a wide range in ability, and the antique Moog organ is mixed in very well considering it is an organ.

    When a closer inspection of the lyrics is done, the fact that Brian Diaz, lead and backing vocals, as well as bass, was the lead singer of the historical band Edna's Goldfish, and that tradition is seen here in the kind of history The Reunion Show could make. Kill Your Television was written for two singers, and that is how it works best, because they sing together, and compliment each other, very well, almost as if they were another instrument in the band. It is extremely hard to pick one particular set of lyrics to give you an example of exactly how pleasing and fun this album is, so I'll give you three. On "New Rock Revolution" The Reunion Show sings of tearing down the walls of the traditional system because "it's all been done before" and they want a revolution. "Television" tackles the prepackagedness of everything on TV, and how everyone on it is basically trapped. And on one of my favorite tracks from the album, "On a Scale From One to Awesome (you're Pretty Great)," the band starts with the proposition, "Maybe you'll jump into my spaceship and blast away / Over the bluish sky into our starry night," and continues through an extremely sweet song of escaping all the problems of earth and exploring space with someone special. That is just a quick sample of a very lyrically diverse and well-written album.

    Overall, this album could be very big. It is very pleasing and easy on the ears. I think both fans of the band and new listeners will appreciate Kill Your Television for what it is and seek out this band live, which I recommend. The only problem with this album is that it could be a little too catchy and wear thin really quickly, but it has yet to do that on this listener, so it could be longer than you expect. I would defiantly recommend giving Kill Your Television at least one listen, but I'll warn you; if you do that the songs just might be on their way to being stuck in your head.

    Jason Cipriano is a Staff Writer. Contact him at

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