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File Under: Pop Rock
rating: A+

1. Calling All Angels

2. All American Girl

3. When I Look To The Sky

4. Save The Day

5. My Private Nation

6. Get To Me

7. Counting Airplanes

8. Following Rita

9. Your Every Color

10. Lincoln Avenue

11. I'm About To Come Alive

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    My Private Nation

    Sony Records
    by Susan Salva

    Train's third Modern Adult Contemporary melodic effort My Private Nation is nothing less then perfection. No words can really sum up the greatness of this CD. The Grammy winning band is gearing up to gain more Grammy kudos with this CD. The band is coming off selling a gazillion CD's of Drops of Jupiter which garnered 53 weeks on the Hot 100 of the Billboard beating out the likes of U2 and Dave Matthews. They won Grammy's for Best Rock Song and Best Arrangement by Paul Buckmaster for "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)"on April 2002.

    On My Private Nation, Train is comprised of Pat Monahan vocals, Charlie Colin bass, Jimmy Stafford guitar, and Scott Underwood guitar. The band breaks down stereotypes while exploring human vulnerability. They are gritty, honest, open, and explore ideas beyond caring for their fans base and turn more introspectively. "I hope there's going to be a moment when someone will refer to one of these songs as meaning something during a time when they were a little bit lost," says Monahan.

    For me the song "She's on Fire" from "Drops of Jupiter" is the reality I discovered while listening to that CD. The line 'It's not just a daydream if you make if your life' from resonates with me. The lyrics hang proudly in my office as a pieced of inspiration.

    Since their inception in 1994 "Calling All Angels," now reflects the change in which the band has progressed into a more spiritual space. "We made a lot of changes with the band. We found ourselves more introspective about ourselves as a better band mate, friend, husband, and father," says Pat Monahan. For this they have been nominated for Song of the Year: Alternative Radio for "Calling All Angels". The song is so pervasive that while I recently was passing through our local Sears on my way to the mall I heard the tune blasting out on the department stores stereo system. It was SO awesome.

    "All American Girl," the second track, uses triple time drumbeats and lyrics that evoke a story about a girl with the silver spoon in her mouth. Monahan's phrasing is impeccable where he relies on a rap-like technique to deliver his thoughts about this amazing girl he doesn't really relate to in any way.

    "When I Look to the Sky" this song starts off with a simple melody on the piano Being that it is the third track the tune it is the bands next single. The song is reminiscent of Elton John-esque. The tune is an outstanding example of Monahan's delightful vocals. His sincerity and swaggering style is exceptional

    "Save the Day" mixes freestyle and boasts a pop culture-lampooning wit that rapidly names tongue and cheeks Courtney Love, J Lo and Superman. Co-written by Monahan and producer Brendan O'Brien notorious for producing the likes of Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, STP and Neil Young.

    "Get to Me," this tune deals with what appears to be a severed relationship. The guy wants to reunite with the girlfriend and he is willing to do anything to get her back to him. The vocal phrasing is again like that a rap beat. The band decided to layer an organ onto the tune. Monahan vocals are very urgent, sensitive and striking.

    "Lincoln Avenue" this tune incorporates piano and strings section sounding very much like the Beatles. Monahan again exhibits his amazingly gorgeous voice with sweet harmonies.

    My Private Nation, is a stellar effort by the melodic alternative pop band Train. With the addition again of Paul Buckmaster who won the Best Instrumental Accompanying Vocalist(s)Best Background Arrangement Grammy for "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" he returns on My Private Nation with string arrangements for the tracks "Lincoln Avenue" and "Your Every Color".

    Every track is on this CD is outstanding. Train is a band to be reckoned with. They strike and don't miss. Check out on this awesome CD you can't loose. My Private Nation delivers the goods and is definitely worth that $13.99 you'll dole out. You'll be tickled with the out come. The band is a bunch of seasoned veterans and is again posed for Grammy greatness with this CD.

    Susan Salva is a Staff Writer. Contact her at susan@rockzone.com.

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