Live in Chicago CD/DVD
Sanctuary Records
By: Josh Pannepacker

Dude, let's face it; you're sick of whacking off, and you need something, new, cool, yet weird to get yourself through the rest of the day. Why not pick up that hot new Ween CD/DVD? Come on fucker! Itís totally going to take care of business and rock you like youíve never been rocked before. Sike.

This sex was filmed at the Vic Theatre in Chicago between the 8th and 9th of November in 2003 A.D. It is a total rock opera if Iíve ever seen one (which I haven't). Not only does Ween show you music variety in their live show, but they also tend to make those songs that were almost there rock to their fullest potential (thanks to their drummer Claude Coleman, Jr., keyboardist Glenn McClelleand, and extended jam solos).

Throughout the show singer Gene Ween does a great job of frightening his audience with weird face gestures on songs like 'Buckingham Green', 'Spinal Meningitis', 'Mutilated Lips' and 'Pork Roll Egg and Cheese'. An incredible light show also really helps to set the ambience to the mood of just about every song play. 'Take Me Away' shows a little jazzy touch of Ween, while 'Ocean Man' finds the Caribbean in Geneís mandolin playing. At one point both Gene and Dean Ween put on an acoustic set for a few tunes. They even rip into 'All of My Love' by Led Zeppelin.

The only thing that disappointed me about this DVD was the fact that on 'You Fucked Up' Gene doesn't scream like a maniac. I was like, what the fuck man?! Don't worry though, guitarist Dean Ween makes up for it when he sings 'Blarney Stone' by cracking jokes on how his ass has pimples, tumors, and cancer.

Whether or not you are a die hard fan of Weens music go check out this out. I can understand how it might take some folks a little getting use to, but give it some time. Ween will sit there patiently by your side for you to come around...with beer. Besides, hippies will now officially like you more.

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