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What Has Happened to All of the Music Fans?
Captain Mikel Anubus

As a thirty year old, over the hill Punk I still attend All Ages shows in order to support local bands and the local music scene. With my Ska days in the past and a new project under my belt, I feel as though I have lost touch with the people who made such a difference in my life during the nine years that was Inspecter 7.

Walking through the crowd now I recognize no one, and enjoy people watching at all of these young shows, but one thing that has really bothered me as of late is: What has happened to all of the music fans?

Sure some of these shows are packed with kids, but they all seem to have the same agenda...... They stay to see their friends perform, and then leave the club! Time and again I have seen this happen. What is the point of this? The credo "Its who you know and who you......" seems to be rearing its head in even the local all ages scene now. I expect it at the big shows where people pay $25 to see their favorite band, but at an all ages show that is usually $5 at the door? The entire support structure that once powered the local music scene is now gone for good. Bands that once relied on local shows to "cut their teeth" live now have no one to play for unless they beg their families and friends to come.

Where did it all go wrong? Why doesn't anyone dance at shows anymore? Why are people so afraid of anything that is different? Perhaps someone can send me some responses and answer my questions....After all, I am just an old man to today's scene and what do I really know?

So I ask again, What happened to all of the Music Fans? Most of the shows that I have been to lately are nothing short of Dog Shows, where everyone walks the invisible runway in their latest wardrobes hoping to be chosen as best in show by the opposite sex. Bands play, then leave the club and take their friends with them, and all hopes of having an audience to perform for are left to chance.

Perhaps I am living in the past, but a man can dream can't he? Dream of bringing back something that was such a living, vital part of everyone's life...Dream of bringing a scene back. A place where everyone can hang out and support each other no matter what type of music, clothing, ideas, or appearances. I guess it is really true that Punk is dead.....now all we need is the right Dr. Frankenstein to make it live and breathe once again. Anyone want to volunteer?

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