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On a recent trip to Texas, I realized that Rock and Roll may have a future after all! I saw it with my own eyes, the very substance that will fuel a brighter tomorrow……..Do you know what it was that I saw?

(Drum Roll Please...)

It was Rock and Roll! Stripped down, raw, in your face, stinking of booze and cigarettes, cocky Rock and Roll! I had the pleasure of seeing one of the finest live bands Texas has to offer at a small, dark club off of the beaten path in downtown Austin. The Sons of Hercules blew my mind with a set of blistering Rock and Roll that not only made my toe tap, but inspired me to order another beer, light up a smoke and dance my friggin ass off! With the words "Garage Band" becoming yet another buzz word in todays music biz, the Sons of Hercules were a refreshing reminder of what it is to truly be a Garage Band.

These days, not unlike the 1960's hundreds if not thousands of kids are forming bands under the title of "Garage" which in it's most literal sense means any young band that gets together in a garage or basement to crank out music. In the 60's these bands were the predecessors of "Punk" as they used two or three chords and tried to emulate their heroes like The Stones, The Yardbirds, The Kinks, the list goes on and on. As is to be expected in 2002, our new crop of "Garage" kids is doing much the same, only without most of the necessary ingredients. Something is missing in Rock and Roll right now….hmmm…..what could it be? Lets see, attitude, soul, inspiration could be a few of these things. I have been accused of living in the past (like it is a bad thing), and I am sure I will get some flack for this article from some Emo kid who thinks that the world really cares that he can't get laid, or some Indie Rocker who ironically sings about the exact same thing. Relationships have been a lyrical subject in music since the dawn of time, but never has it been sung about in such a whiney and pacifistic way as now. At least in the glory days of Garage Rock songs about failed relationships were full of real emotions and in your face machismo.

Everything that makes Rock and Roll great is slowly disappearing from the music, and not even Mick Jagger can help anymore. I must give thanks yet again to the Sons of Hercules for breathing some life back into Rock Music. Certainly there are other bands out there that are doing the same, and I hope to cross paths with them someday so that at least for a half hour I can enjoy some old fashioned Rock and Roll. As for all of the overly emoted kids out there who insist on writing sappy, uninspired pop jingles for any overly sympathetic audience.

Do your thing if that's what you enjoy doing. Fair warning though, don't call yourselves Rock and Roll and don't open for a Rock and Roll band, because we will likely spit in your face and have sex with your girlfriends…..The same way it's been done for over 40 years. Long live Rock and Roll and the arrogant, drunken people who love it enough to carry it into the future.

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